the rockies and the road . 2O14

the purple text will take you places...

a quick roadtrip

through boulder county

and the rocky mountains...

but first, carhenge . nebraska

here is three types of foreign cars (sic)
they served their purpose while detroit slept.
now detroit is awake and america is great!


plymouth schooner

italian food . american portions

ferncliffe . colorado
for sale.

lily lake . colorado

rocky mountain national park

48 miles (77km) . 12,183 ft (3713 m)
trail ridge road . colorado

just before the landing

before it's too late

grand lake

private property.

for more photos of bald mountain graveyard go here


central city . colorado

gold hill . colorado

follow this link for photos from gold hill autumn 2O11

poudre canyon . colorado

auf wiedersehen, gro├če bergen!

mato tipila . wyoming

bridal veil falls . sodak

free . happy . easy . people